CHV190 – Special Inverter for Crane (4 ~ 500kW)

The CHV190 Series is an inverter designed for hoisting and lifting, and uses advanced control theory to provide excellent torque control. The inverter’s many capabilities ensure safety, reliability, and efficiency. It offers a variety of solutions for users with different needs, such as variable inverter with a translation structure, completely variable frequencies, and common DC bus. The CHV190 series is widely applicable in lifting and hoisting machinery for the stepless speed regulation of hoisting, lifting, variable amplitude, large vehicles, small vehicles, rotating, and grabbing.

1. The time sequence of brake logic control and monitor function.
2. Light load acceleration.
3. Master-slave control of power balance and speed synchronization.
4. Crane operation mode.
5. Professional communication function. (Profibus, Modbus, Ethernet)
6. Slack rope detection.
7. Upper monitoring software.
8. Independent control of main and control circuits to the power supply.
9. Four groups of motor control and switch functions.
10. Dangerous speed monitor, quick stop, and over-speed protection.
11. Pre-compensation of start-up torque and torque verification.
12. Current vector control can provide 200% output torque at zero speed.
13. Numerous exterior interfaces and strong protective functions.

Descrioption specification.

1. Lifting equipment for ports, metallurgy, electric power, machinery, chemicals, transport and shipping, energy, light industry, environmental protection, and water conservancy.
2. Railway and highway construction beam lifters, bridge erectors, and other engineering and construction cranes.

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