GOODRIVE 20 Series Inverter

1 phase 0,75 kW – 2,2 kW

3 Phase 0,75 kW – 110 kW

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Power input Input voltage (V) 1PH 220V (-15%)~240V(+10%)
3PH 380V (-15%)~440V(+10%)
Input current (A) Refer to the rated value
Input frequency (Hz) 50Hz or 60Hz, allowed range: 47~63Hz
Power output Output motor capacity (kW) Refer to the rated value
Output current (A) Refer to the rated value
Output voltage (V) =input voltage, error<5%

New structure design :

1. Mini design, smaller installation space;

2. Compatible with rail and wall installation, flexible installation manner;

3. Available multi-inverter in parallel installation, more effective space-saving.

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