CHF100A – High Performance Universal Inverter (0.75 ~ 3000kW)

CHF100A – High Performance Universal Inverter

saat ini merupakan produk terlaris dan paling di minati oleh banyak customer, selain mudahnya dilakukan setting parameter juga produk ini dikenal Handal dibeberapa tempat yang panas dan berdebu, sehingga menyandang sebagai produk terlaris untuk Open loop Inverter di kelasnya.

Power :

1 phase 220 VAC +/-15%  :1,5 kW – 2,2 kW

3 phase 380 Vac +/- 15%  : 0,75 – 2000 kW

Technical characteristics

  • Control modes: open loop vector system (SVC), the scalar V / f, torque control.
  • Starting torque: 150% at 0.5Hz (SVC).
  • Built-in DC reactor (in versions from 18.5 kW to 90 kW) to increase the efficiency and power factor.
  • Embedded devices to decelerate from 1.5 kW to 11 kW. To ensure quick stop brake resistor is connected directly.
  • Multi-stage (up to 16 steps) Speed Control: Built-in PID controller and a simple PLC.
  • In the integrated converter 8 multifunction digital inputs (PNP and NPN), 2 analog inputs, 2 relay outputs, 2 analog outputs, 1 open collector output.
  • The ability to verify the actual parameters
  • AVR: can provide constant output voltage when the input vibrations.
  • Jogging function QUICK / JOG.
  • RS485 communication interface to a standard protocol Modbus.
  • Suppression of oscillations.
  • Function measuring the excess torque.
  • Multiple sources for setting the upper threshold frequency.
  • Sleep Mode and out of sleep mode.
  • Tracer speed: smooth start a rotating motor.
  • Up to 23 fault protection functions: over-current, over-voltage, low voltage, over temperature, phase failure, overload, etc.

Description specification.

  • 90% Machine Aplication Can handle this Product.
    • Energy-saving solutions for central air conditioning systems
    • Overflow pumps, fuel
    • Energy-efficient solutions for air compressors
    • Circulating pumps, water, Musical Fountains
  • Conveyor, Mixer, Etc
  • General Purpose Inverter
    • Handling and packing
    • Packaging
    • Textile machines
    • Special machines
    • Pumps and fans

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