Unusual 2020, Promising 2021

Unusual 2020, Promising 2021

INVT Global Partners Conference has been successfully held online on December 16, 2020.With the theme of “Unusual 2020, Promising 2021”, this conference has invited more than 70 companies and hundreds of key INVT partners from nearly 40 countries worldwide to review the challenges and achievements in 2020 and discuss INVT overseas channel development strategies in 2021, to gain greater achievements together.


At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Wang Jian, INVT overseas general manager, delivered a speech, “2020 is an extraordinary year. Both in China and other nations, distributors have experienced difficult times. Though the epidemic brings significant influence in 2020, we have still achieved our goals. We would like to thank all our partners for the hard work and dedication. No matter in the past, present, or future, we are always devoted to the stable and loyal partnership with our distributors as well as the strong brand support and market-oriented product solutions development to fight for 2021 together.”

How to prepare for and occupy a favorable position in 2021?Mr. Alan Song, INVT overseas sales director, has summarized the business progress in 2020, forecast the market development trends in 2021, analyzed competitor products, and elaborated business plans and business growth points in 2021. In addition, the head of each product line has elaborated the industrial automation products (PLC/HMI/IoT), medium voltage drives and solar products (On-grid solar inverter/Energy storage inverter/Smart power station) , which provide distributors with an in-depth understanding on INVT strategic planning for the entire overseas market and with confidence to overcome the challenges in 2021.

Choice is far more important than persistence. In this conference, we have invited important partners from Vietnam, Italy and Brazil to speak as representatives, sharing their successful experience and important cases in channel development in their countries. In addition, we have invited senior technical experts to answer the technical questions from the distributors in the exchange session, bringing the conference to a climax.

One person’s journey is always lonely, while the journey is an adventure with glittering stars for the join of a group of like-minded people. We are looking forward to having more partners with the common goal to join us in 2021.


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